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The Fall:

The Fall is an interactive digital story focusing a series of unknown objects entering our planet's atmosphere and colliding with parts of northern Europe, northern Asia and the Arctic. The catastrophic events following these impacts have caused large amounts of destruction and death resulting in most european countries forcing their citizens to evacuate. Creating a global humanitarian crisis.

This story follows one of the unlucky groups. A group of survivors as they attempt to make there way from one end of a major city to the the other in their search for a way out of their country and to reach safety. But as they try and leave the city of Dublin they being to come across some strange events and the first sightings of what really hit the planet's surface.

The Fall is heavily inspired by H.G Wells and his wonderful War of the World's but more recently the refugee crisis across europe has peaked my curiosity as to what would occur if the situation was reversed. Those once safe prosperous nations are now ruins with millions attempting to flee to the southern hemisphere of the planet looking for shelter and aid.

Journey of making:

This is only the second interactive story game I've ever created and it's been equal parts interesting and frustrating experience. I find myself getting hung up on visual details. Such as the issue with the dialog boxes has caused me some serious delays and I still haven't uncovered what object is causing the conflict. Whereas I probably should have ignored the issue entirely and concentrated on expanding the content of the story more.

But aside from that issue I have been surprised with the other elements of the game. The map is always the first thing people give feedback on and I now believe it myself that it could be an incredibly strong core to develop something more substantial around.

While the game is an assignment for a college module the idea behind The Fall is something I've been pitching for awhile now whenever we've had an opportunity to do so. It's always been passed over due to the complexity of the story and the difficulty in implementing some of the details but I still cling to it. Hopefully with this implementation of it I'll be able to continue the project and create a few more iterations.


Left mouse button - Story progression.

Right mouse button - Map movement.

Known bugs:

The game currently ends on a black screen but does not quit the application.

If you guys have an feedback or thoughts on the piece please don't hesitate. I'd love to hear all thoughts.

Much love,



TheFallWin.zip 241 MB
TheFallMac.zip 209 MB
TheFallLinux.zip 210 MB

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