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Not a political game:

This is a game I designed as a college project where we were tasked with creating something that had to meet certain criteria and a theme.

The theme was Opposites and the criteria was:

- Having a beginning, middle and end.
- Using triggers.
- Creating the art in real life, and bringing it into the game.
- Making something surprising!

I really struggled with the theme for the longest time and bounced between so many iterations of opposites ranging from opposite colours, opposite values, opposite morals, opposite opinions.

It was then after days of going over this stuff that it was all over the news that elections were to be held here (in Ireland) and it dawned on me what's more opposite than political parties.

So I took the idea as playing as a vote stuck in a political system and just being confused by the whole thing. Which is kind of how a lot of people feel right now.

The game still needs tweaks and additions but I'd love to hear any and all feedback.

Much Love -



NAPG.zip 14 MB

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